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how i found lularoe

Monday, October 13, 2014

Here is my story. This is how I stumbled across something that changed my life (yes, I know that sounds a little dramatic, but I really do mean it). And it changed my life in one of the best ways possible.

Back in March of 2013, I got a Facebook invite by a friend to a maxi skirt party. At that time, maxi skirts were practically impossible to come by and had just became the season's hottest item. I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to get my hands on one, and the invitation promised a huge variety of patterns. I was in. 

I showed up at this friend's moms house, and I literally had to park a block or two away. There were cars lining the streets. I got inside and it was a madhouse. Plastic bins and bins, piled high with skirts. But the best part was the women. Every where I turned, ladies had their arms piled high with skirts they wanted to purchase or at least try on. The atmosphere was energizing. There was excitement. A sense of anticipation.  Every one was laughing, and having such a great time shopping and digging for that perfect skirt. Or two. Or ten. There were a few little kids running around, but for the most part it was just a bunch of women. Women enjoying themselves, feeling comfortable and beautiful in clothes that they had fallen in love with. It took me less than 3 minutes of being in that room (and finding my perfect skirt)- that I knew I wanted to somehow be a part of this. I didn't even know if that was a possibility. 

I found a guy (later I found out it was the owner's son, Michael) sitting in the corner, with a very long line of people waiting to purchase. As soon as it was my turn, I walked up and said, "I want to do this. Do you have girls that sell skirts? Can I help? What do I have to do?" And yes. I said that all. And more. Poor Michael. He later told me that I was super pushy (Um.. more like I know what I want) and that he just wanted me to leave him alone. He told me he didn't know, that he thought they might have a few girls that were selling skirts but that I would have to call his mom, the owner of the company. I didn't even make it my car before calling her. Again. And again. He had told me that she was going back to California the next morning and I didn't want to miss the opportunity (not that you can't call California, but I obviously wasn't thinking clearly, I was a little too excited). I called DeAnne a bunch. Later, when she got done with the party she was doing, she got a hold of me and we arranged to meet up the next day before she drove back to California. 

DeAnne and her husband Mark came and met with me the next day and the rest is history. I became a consultant and joined the Lularoe family, which at that time had less than 20 consultants. Back then (I can say that, its over a year ago right?) we only had maxi skirts. But boy did things changed. Next came pencil skirts, little girl's maxi skirts, and then our first dress. We started moving away from being a "maxi skirt company." Lularoe then hired Patrick, who is now our designer and has an extensive background in fashion (and his list of experience would blow your mind). He came in and brought with him some more fresh, incredible ideas and original designs. Since starting over a year and a half ago, my inventory has now grown to over 1,100 pieces! We have maxi skirts, high-waisted long skirts (Lucy), pencil skirts (Cassie), a-line skirts (Azure), high-waisted knee-length skirts (Jill), pleated pocket skirts (Madison), midi skirts (Lola), a-line dresses (Nicole), long maxi dresses (Ana), pleated dresses with zippers up the back (Amelia), t-shirt dresses (Julia), baseball sleeve tee's (Randy), tunic tops (Irma), little girls maxi skirts, little girls pencil skirts (girls Cassie), little girl's dresses, and leggings for both adults and kids. It is incredible to see what this company has become.

I first fell in love with the atmosphere that Lularoe creates. But I very quickly learned that it was so much deeper than that. I love the way Lularoe makes women feel. I love how excited they get finding something that doesn't just fit, but fits right and makes them feel wonderful. I love the hearts behind Lularoe. And I say hearts because that's what they are. Our owners, Mark and DeAnne have some of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. They are extremely generous and giving. They truly love us each and want us to succeed. Lularoe now has over 500+ consultants in the USA and Canada, yet DeAnne tries call each one and personally connect with them. She also gives out her cell number to any and all consultants, should they need anything. That's just how this company is. It is all about team work, supporting each other, and making lives better for those we love and those we come in contact with. Some of my favorite people are other Lularoe consultants. I have made many lifelong friends as well. Now tell me that kind of stuff isn't life changing?

This company sparked that fire in me again and I am so excited to continue on and watch it ignite other's lives as well. This is my story. It's just the beginning though. 

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  1. I LOVE this dress!!! Do you mind me asking what size this is??