create the life you want

create the life you want


join lularoe.

Create the life you dream of.

Lularoe is a REAL opportunity for women to own their own retail business (without all the crazy overhead), and to actually make good money doing it. 

Why should you become an independent Lularoe business owner?
  • During their first year of business (2013), Lularoe did $3 million dollars in sales.
  • In 2014, Lularoe did $9.8 million dollars in sales.
  • Lularoe will exceed the original projections of 30 million and will do over 55 million in sales for 2015.                      
  • Lularoe is expected to hit one billion in sales by the end of our 5th year in business. Yes, one billion. 
  • Lularoe is exploding. Now is the time. Right now. Get in during all the growth.
  • A Lularoe business owner who does one pop-up event per week makes an average of $1400/month. Those that do 3-4 parties average $5600/month. 
  • A average Lularoe business owner who does online sales averages at least $2,800/month by their 2nd month of business. 
  • Most Lularoe business owners do both local pop-ups and online sales, we strongly encourage this to build a strong foundation for your business. 
  • You can also make money by helping Lularoe expand, building the Lularoe brand, and for training new business owners that you bring into the company. There is a long list of women that have joined Lularoe within the last 6 months, and are already receiving checks over $4,000/month ON TOP of their personal sales. 

How I can help you?
  • You will be on the fastest growing team in the company. 
  • Both my up-line and I have been on Lularoe's President's Council and 5 of the 8 members have also been on our team (Top 8 consultants in the company).
  • Have continued support 
  • Access to ideas and tips
  • We all help each other and love to see each other succeed. 

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To receive more information about owning your own Lularoe boutique, you can also email me at to request more info.

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