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Monday, March 2, 2015

So I changed my mind. Again. That's what women do right? Back to this blog. It is obviously not "my thing." I have tried and tried. But its not effortless for me. I don't enjoy it the way I wanted to. Instead of it being this fun, great way to share my love of fashion and Lularoe, it's become more of a burden. One more thing on mind when I close my eyes at night that I didn't get done that day. To the point where I almost ignore it (obviously, look at when my last post was?!). I don't want that. My number one priority is my family. And then coming in a little bit down the list is Lularoe. But the reality is that Lularoe is time consuming in itself, but in one of the best ways possible. It has allowed me to release that inner drive, passion, and strong woman that flows inside me. It is my chance to show the the world and myself, what I can do. And all that I can offer. That while I am a mother, and a pretty good one on most days, I have so much more inside me that is bursting to get out. And Lularoe is my outlet. With that being said, that is where my precious time needs to be focused. With my family and friends. And with improving, expanding, and solidifying my Lularoe business. That is what I have hope for this blog to become. To be landing spot for those interested in learning more about the business, for Lularoe fashion ideas and pictures, and for a place for me to call 'my spot'. Kind of like my virtual business card. Rather than focussing on topics, regular posting, linking products, and all that… it's going to be occasional posts. Mostly Lularoe outfits. Sometimes a post or two about why Lularoe has such an incredible business opportunity for women. It's going to be whatever I want it to be. But no strings or expectations attached. Just my spot. So don't go away, I'm still here. Just more relaxed. More me. With that being said… I have some amazing outfit inspiration pictures that are perfect for this cold weather we are still getting. Stay tuned people…

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  1. Love this outfit! and the boots! I need them! I just commented on another post of yours I found... but can you tell me the brand/style/where you got them please? THANKS!