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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let's just talk about comfort for a minute. Let's go back five years, if I was going for comfort that would mean I would be spending my day in sweats. As awesome as that sounds, that's really not the way I want to present myself to world. Enter Lularoe. You might not know, but Lularoe's trade line is 'Simply Comfortable.' That's exactly what it is. Cute and comfortable. So now I can be comfortable (and yes, I'm talking comparable, if not better than sweats- think buttery soft leggings) and feel put together when I'm wearing Lularoe. Here is a Lularoe Irma tunic paired with Lularoe leggings. Yep, comfortable enough to run errands (and fill the car up with gas) in. Go get yourself some! You will thank me.

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