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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If you live in Utah, chances are you have heard of Swig. They now have a bunch of locations all around the state (the use to only be one location place in St. George, Utah). They sell all kinds of soda pop and other drink combinations, snow cones, bubbles teas, BUT they are famous for their sugar cookies. Really. These cookies are unreal. And the texture is unlike any other cookie I've ever had. It's dense and thick, but super moist and not too sweet. Every bite melts in your mouth. Basically they are what dreams are made of. Then again so are floral prints and an Amelia dress. I'm obsessed with all the amazing new florals Lularoe has come out with. Did you know that they only produce 1,000 pieces of any one print?? That is insane. Especially when they are producing several hundred thousand pieces EACH MONTH. So that there is whole lot of variety. This pale blue with coral print is one of my favorites that I pulled out of my last order. So here I am enjoying one of the best sugar cookies ever and being simply comfortable in my Lularoe Amelia dress. Anyways, go find yourself a cookie (even if it's not a Swig one) and enjoy your afternoon!!

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