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create the life you want


oh oh oh down in mexico

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

life with LulaRoe is like one big vacation

no but really..

i still cant believe this is my JOB

im so incredibly thankful for this company and the friends ive met along the way
// and for all of the AMAZING opportunities we have to travel together to learn from 
each other. Each time I go on these trips I come home with so many new friends and ideas

i wanted to share a few pics from our trip because

1. it was the best trip ever

2. i want to go leave my kids a sticky note and make them fend for themselves
and go back. like yesterday

// skirt pictured is the lularoe cassie skirt one of my all time favorites //

 // skirt pictured above is the madison. this piece can be dressed up for dinner or down for the beach //

// kimono pictured is the lularoe lindsey. I get so many compliments when wearing this I always save a few for myself when I get in a new shipment //

back to reality.

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