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Easter Gift Guide 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

for teen girls

I LOVE Spring
wait.. let me rephrase I love EASTER!

The Weather
The Meaning
The time with Family
The Sunshine
The Flowers


about it is so bright, fresh and recharging. 

As a mom of pre-teen girls I wanted to create a little gift guide
from me to you with items I know my girls and YOURS if you have
them are sure to love this year!

1. Sandals: We go through shoes at our house quicker than paper towels
and for that reason I refuse to spend more than $10 or so dollars. These
are a WALMART find and seriously so sturdy and beautiful! I dont
know what Walmart is doing or who they hired but they're doing it RIGHT.

2. Made By Mary Rings: this one is a big more of a pricey gift but one
I have saved up for for quite a while now. I purchased a gemstone that 
represents the birth month of each of my girls and will gift it to each
of them. Since they are ADULT sizes I will wear the rings but with
each ring I want to write a note telling the girls why I love
them and what their ring will remind me of each time I see them.

3. Polaroid Camera: THIS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST ticket item
they have asked for for so long! I am putting off cell phones for as
long as I can so this gift was a no brainer and an easy way for them to still
be able to take photos with their friends at cheer and school and feel 
"grown up." They're also on sale right now so WIN!

4. Watermelon Purse: Again.. WALMART! I am at a loss of words

5. Cake Bomb: My girls are all about bath bombs these days. Our
favorites are LUSH but those can get pricey as I am sure you know. 
Target has these near the dollar section and for just a few dollars 
you can be sure your girls will be thrilled. Make sure to grab one for yourself!

6. Tootsie Roll Eggs: These are a rather new treat and so hard to find
in stores! They are WILDLY popular and THE treat this year for Easter. 
I've had the best luck at Harmon's and surprisingly Dollar Tree!

7. LulaRoe Scarlett Dress: The Scarlett is and has always been my girls
absolute favorite dress that LulaRoe carries. The fit is so fun and youthful it's 
perfect for young girls who love to twirl and feel beautiful.
I have so many fun prints and sizes in my shop available here:

8. In My Heart: I can't talk too much about this or I will tear up. 
If you haven't read it already its a MUST. It's the most special
book any mother can give to their child. Beautifully written and illustrated.

9. EggMazing Easter Egg Kit: I've seen so many mommy bloggers
post about these that we HAD to give them a try and are in LOVE!
Makes Egg Decorating so EASY and better yet CLEAN!

10. Busy Bod Leos: It is safe to say we own every pattern. My girls live in these
between all of their dance and tumbling//cheer lessons. They are cute, comfy and 
so unique your girls will absolutely LOVE THEM! It is a fail proof gift at our house.

Whats on your "bunnies" list? I'd love to hear!

I hope you get spoiled by some BUNNY you love too!

xo Sadi

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