create the life you want

create the life you want


My only regret

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I have heard SO many people say their biggest wish//goal
they would have if they KNEW they could not fail would be


More specifically to work for Lularoe!

I have also heard many people worried its "too late" to join
this growing company! Worried that they've "missed their chance."

Let me just start by saying there is NO better time than now 
to chase your dreams and to join me and my team!

Lularoe isn't just another company whose consultants join without any face time
with their bosses. A company where you are just another number, not a face. 

Here at Lularoe together we work SIDE BY SIDE each and every day to help
each other meet our goals. There truly is no consultant left behind. 

When you join this company you have opportunities to join seminars
with the owner and CEO, have daily Facebook chats with other consultants nearby or far away and 
more importantly, receive training and the skills you need to excel. Not to mention any question you may have you are able to email your trainer or mentor directly and receive a direct answer! 

No middle man-- we are all here to help you along

You are not in this alone!

There truly is a reason why each and every Lularoe consultant seems so HAPPY. 
Together we all took the leap from the "known" to the "unknown" only to realize
that this life, the ability, and freedom to work from home was a decision where our

is not joining sooner!!!

As soon as you are ready to take the jump there will be so many
kind and helpful people ready to catch you and help you along.

I've truly never experienced anything like it.

I have decided once again to open some spots on my team directly to
work with and would love to have YOU be a part of it with me. 

If you've seen my posts you know I keep it as REAL as I can.

NOW is the time!

Email me at if you're ready to take control and work from home. 
To be your own boss. Work YOUR hours. Watch your children grow. 

I am here EXCITED and ready to work with YOU!!

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