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create the life you want


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

One of the BIGGEST parts of being a LulaRoe
consultant is having a social media presence online. 

Wrangling my kiddos, home and day to day 
so at the snap of a finger, we are ready for a photo.

I always strive to be REAL with my followers. 

Never glamorizing my crazy trips to target or mid-day meltdowns courtesy
of Navy. 


As mindful as I try to be I like so many other's cannot help
but compare myself, my feed and family to other's I find online. 


Do their kids ever NOT make their beds?

Do they ever eat quesadillas for 5 days in a row for lunch like mine?

Do I remember what color my car carpet is?

It's such a crazy never ending spiral and this week I finally sat back and realized all
of that smoke and mirrors are making me miss how lucky I am. 

LuLaRoe believes that every individual is powerful, 

important, and has an amazing story.

It's for that reason that I hope to forever show each and every side of my day!
The GOOD the BAD the TARGET.

(because let's be real every day there's a trip to Target)

But most importantly I want to help motivate other's to see their own GOOD and potential
in their own businesses and goals. 

So this week I am sharing one thing I've learned and reminded myself
whenever I get down on myself and my feed.

Don't compare yourself to others!
YOUR BEST IS ENOUGH and your gram is YOURS!

And remember...

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