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create the life you want


LulaRoe and Millennials

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Through my late night scrolling, I found an AMAZING
article I cannot believe I haven't seen until now. 

(Speaking of late night scrolling am I the only one who misses Vine?)

Often times whenever an article has the word "Millennial"
in the title, I automatically do a big eye roll and keep scrolling. 

I think all too often people refer to millennials in a negative way?

This article however really focuses less on the stereotype of this generation, 
rather it highlights the thinking and drive behind us and how it's
positively affected LulaRoe consultants. 

We live in a day and age where
technology and convenience are more accessible than ever before, 
something every Lularoe consultant has taken note of that and made a living off of because of it.

A company where Millennials, mom's, dad's, grandmothers and anyone with 
a desire to grow and become financially independent can equally excel to me, 
is a company worth working for!

As a consultant for Lularoe, we sales rely on our individual consultants
and their home networks. Each consultant sells and advertises individually
through their Social Media platforms. From there they can host giveaways, online parties
and cater to their customers all over the nation. Something that absolutely would not
be possible if it weren't for the world we live in TODAY!

When I think about my time with LulaRoe and the immense blessing
it has been to my and my families life I realize that is because of this 
"Millennial" time we are living in that I've been able to do well and excel. 

I truly hate thinking about what my life would've been like had I not decided to join
when I did or join at all. 

I feel in life we are given opportunities, risks and moments that we can either
make or miss. Lularoe and the world we live in today perfectly align one with another,
making this business model and opportunity one that you seriously do not want to miss. 

If you have a computer, a desire to DO MORE, to help your family, make people
feel beautiful, and to make a living from home this article and this company is for you.

Oh! and this article too :)

Read more below!

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