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Fall Favorites

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Every year I FALL more and more in love with FALL

From Candles to blankets, and Pumpkin Spice to Decor
I absolutely cannot get enough of it!

After having celebrated the first week of Fall I wanted to share a few
of my favorites for each and every one of you!

First are foremost it is safe to safe that
Anthropologie will forever and always make my seasonal lists 
with there unique scents they release each year. 

This year's fall candle being Pumpkin Clove

WARNING: You will want to make sure to buy two of these
because you won't be able to blow it out and will burn through the first QUICKLY

I get so many questions whenever I wear these shoes so I decided to finally
post a link to those interested! The sole does tend to slip up a tiny but but
if you take them to a cobbler it's an easy $20 fix. 

These shoes go with EVERYTHING I own and are so so comfy. 

For $14 dollars it is safe to say I own about 4 per room in my home
of these blankets. I even keep one in my car during the cold season. 

Safe to say each and every pair of leggings is worthy of my must have list. 
My Black leggings are like the Unicorn of my wardrobe and I take them VERY 
seriously. Seriously, once I could not find those comfy beautiful things
and I tore about my entire house looking for them.. they were on my body. 

My #1 Lady Mrs. Meyers has an INCREDIBLE line of products
but this fall she released an AMAZING Apple Cider line. Everything from Hand Soap,
Counter Spray to Dish Soap. My Target is always so low on stock and I know why! 
I am so happy I grabbed these when I did. 

These are my favorites for the not so hot, not so cold weather. 
These beauties are always in my glove compartment and are on sale right now!
So light and a great accessory to every outfit!

My InstaPot has been the GREATEST thing that has ever happened to my kitchen. 
The recipes on Pinterest are endless and so so easy for the busy mom!
I add the ingredients every morning and a few stirs throughout the day later I
have a perfect meal that warms everyone up and is always so YUMMY. 

I could only drive to Starbucks for a warm chai so many times in a week
before for my Debit Card and Sanity before I decided to make my own from home!
Half Chai, half Milk makes for the yummiest fall warm or cold drink. 

My kiddos love it too!

For those of you that may not know LulaRoe has a few fun new items,
this BEAUTIFUL jean jacket being one of them! Everywhere I go I get complimented
on it. It is seriously a new staple in my wardrobe. 

Need I say more?

Trader Joes has well over 20+ Fall (Pumpkin) items. 

A few of my favorites are the pumpkin cream cheese, the AMAZING Ice Cream and the Pumpkin 
Waffle Mix! Seriously I needed to remove myself from the store last time I went in. 

Do you have any favorites I may have missed?

Please send them my way! HAPPY FALL LOVES!

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