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Motherhood Lesson #3614

Monday, September 18, 2017

As a mom, business woman and a stay-at-home one at that
it is important for me for find a BALANCE in all that I do. 

I think all too often we get into a groove of sorts and forget to slow down
and enjoy the little moments and remember to create memories.

As a mom I heard something recently that resonated with me and was
something I found to be  SO TRUE..
it's that to us a trip to the grocery store, a little date to get a scoop 
of ice cream or giving in to go to the "cool park" a little bit further away
makes all the difference in the eyes of our kids.

To them, everything is new, exciting and means more than we know.  

If you were to ask me what my FAVORITE memories were
growing up they weren't the big trips, Christmas morning gifts
or the grandiose gestures from my parents but the small and simple things. 

I've made it a goal to take not only my individual kids on mommy daughter
dates but to take them out as a group to the places I normally wouldn't choose
to go or things I wouldn't choose to do and let them take ME. 

So I created the idea that once a month I will let my girls PLAN A DATE!

Let me tell you.. it has been the SWEETEST thing watching them put so much
thought and energy into their "dates". If anything they also
appreciate the struggle so much more of trying to get everyone on board
and seem to be a lot easier going when I create a plan they help ME stick to it. 

Here are a few photos of this month's "date". 

My homemade ice cream pops and healthy treats I guess just weren't cutting it
so we went out for sundaes and shakes and I let them each have their own.

You seriously would've thought they won the lottery
if you saw how HAPPY they were.

The girls loved watching it come together from top to bottom.

Everything from:
our outfits
the music in the car
the ice cream flavors

were all pre-meditated by the girls and they were GLEAMING.

Lesson #3614 I've learned this year::

Slow down a little and remember.. no matter
how big or how SMALL the gesture
there is nothing that will mean
more to our kiddos than TIME.

Here's to cavities and memories!

Love, Sadi

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