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Thursday, November 16, 2017

We've been waiting for an entire year for our Family Trip to Disneyland. 

All my life I have dreamed of taking my girls and their cousins all to 
Disneyland at that PERFECT age where they still BELIEVE in magic.

I've learned that no matter your age Disney IS Magic but these
ages were truly the icing on top of the cake. 

We did Disney the RIGHT WAY, matching T-shirts, 3-Day passes and all!

I wanted to share a few things I've learned along the way
from traveling so much with kids and more important, y doing DISNEY with little
kiddos as well as share a few pictures and videos from our trip. 


Food at Disneyland can get pricey QUICK. Especially if you're like me and 
are hungry every hour on the hour and things as simple as a churro are $5. 
The BEST HACK I found is packing in apples, sandwiches etc., in baby wipe holders. 
It keeps them from getting smushes AND breezes past the secrity line. 


I have found the quietest place to let your kids nap is next to the ride

It's at the edge of the park and there's a tiny little-shaded park with benches facing the ride. 
The ongoing sounds acts as a PERFECT lullaby and doesn't have tons of foot traffic. 


If you haven't already learned the art of the fast pass start studying. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Mousewait- it helps you know where to run to next dependent on wait times!
2. My Disney Experience- This is a guide for times of shows, parades etc.,!
3. Where in Disney- If you have a particular toy or treat you're searching for this app helps you track it down!
4. Disney Hidden Mickey- If you have time and are a veteran of Disney take a day to track down all of the hidden MOUSE shapes throughout the park with this app!


1. Start your day with the Toy Story Ride at California this line tends to get the biggest QUICKEST!
2. While riding send someone over to Cars land to get passes to return back at a later time! Youll be glad you did!
3. Hit the BIG RIDES during the firework display and parade! LESS LINES! More rides. 
4. This isnt a ride but make sure you tour the seemingly new attraction inside Sleeping Beauties Castle. Once you enter the castle and go through the tunnel to your left youll see an opened
wooden door. Go inside and find the most charming cute holographic Display of the Sleeping Beauty story! You literally go INSIDE the castle! 



1. You NEED to get a Dole Whip-- but you also NEED to put the cajun seasoning on it!
It can be found in Adventure Land!
2. Chicken and Waffles on Main Street
3. A CHILI CONE FROM CARS LAND-- what dreams are made of.
4. For more follow @foodsofdisneyland for more! 


Visit California Adventure and make sure you ask around where the animation studio is!
Wander around the room of animation and ask for directions to Princess Belle's Enchanted Library. 

I don't want to spoil too much of the fun inside but the first time I saw my heart literally BURST
and I cried tears of excitement. MAGIC is an understatement. 

Last but not least is perhaps what was the actual HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP:
Trying to get sweet Navy to grasp the concept of headphones. 

Traveling with kids is NOT easy but boy is it worth it!

At the end of the day, this company has made my dreams come true so I can watch my
daughters reach theirs and experiences memories like this. 

There is nothing that can take that away for me and for THAT I AM THANKFUL FOR LULAROE!

Love, Lula Girl Sadi Thompson

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